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Reserve your spot today with a $150 deposit! Total cost for the group is $300.00, the balance of which will be due by March 1.

This group class will run Tuesday January 30 - March 6 - 7 pm - 8:30 pm This special group will include the power of group intention work with our desires and waking dreams.

Week 1:

Introduction to Dream Work: I will provide an overview of how to use your dreams to create the waking life you want. We will go over healing blocks to success through our dreams, incubating intentions through dreams, finding clarity of our purpose through dreams, and re-igniting the motivation to go after our purpose through the dream world.

Group introductions - This will include who you are in the world, what draws you to this work, and an opportunity to introduce us to a dream of yours you may be interested in working with. I will also provide a short outline of the group process as a whole.
Dream Incubation - This is the concept of intending and creating in your dream world. I will walk you through a meditation and a writing technique to give you the skill to practice guiding your subconscious to focus on dreams that will help you in your waking life. This can be used for answers to life situations, manifestation, dreaming for world peace, or simply having better dream recall. For example, you may want more clarity on a relationship or job prospect. Perhaps you are creating a new business or community and simply want to hold the vision without the conflict of your ego mind. This is a very powerful technique that you will be invited to practice with consistency throughout the 6 weeks in order to sharpen your skill.
Week 2:
Dream Merge - this is a process by which we choose a dream image that calls to us and allow our subconscious to experience the feelings and sensations of being the dream image. Through guided meditation and body awareness, we allow our bodies to communicate the healing message or gift of the dream to us, and we invite the deep emotional experiences that facilitate our growth. When we resonate with the dream image in this way, we are inviting our dream to offer us a deeper connection and understanding with the soul. This is important because our subconscious offers us symbols during dream time that relate to our experience in the waking world. For example, you may have an inner child showing up in your dreams that needs your attention as you move forward in your business - and if you cannot merge with that inner child, you can be sure she or he will hold you back.

Or, you may need to take on the qualities of a lamborghini in your life, as shown to you in a dream about one. When your body and mind can actually feel as if they are the dream image, you are already moving toward your success in waking life on whatever subject you are choosing to focus on.
Week 3:

Group Dreaming - This technique allows us to enter into one person's dream as though we are all the dreamer (the collective unconscious would assert that dreams belong to all of us as we are in a state of "one-ness" while dreaming). We re-enact the dream images (archetypal forces) in the dream and then have the opportunity to find out what they are telling us about our lives individually and collectively.
Community dream work such as this is key to revealing the power of dreams to guide us. Indigenous cultures all over the world would not understand the concept of working with dreams outside of a community. In fact, many indigenous tribes have a practice of engaging in group dream work first thing in the morning - imagine if we shared such a practice how much more connected we might feel! This particular week allows us to engage with the power of community healing and intuitive connection.

When we connect in this way, we automatically are supported in our personal growth and healing endeavors. This is an absolute must in powerful dream work.
Week 4:
Writing the Dream - This is a guided writing exercise in which you allow your subconscious to interact with the dream image finding out what it has to offer you, what information you need for your life, or what healing or gift is available to you. We allow this process to happen through automatic writing, in which your subconscious uses pen and paper as a translator for you. Many insights are available to us through this process that once again excuses the ego mind for some moments and allows us to engage with a deeper level of experience. This is a technique that I use almost daily, and the insights and direction I receive have absolutely changed my life in the best possible way. I want everyone in the world to know how to use this simple, yet profound technique to create your life. We will also process and share our experience in community, and get support for our newly developed insights.
Week 5:
Living the Dream - This involves the process of finding our dream symbols in our waking world to help bridge the gap so that we can use our dreams to create in our lives. This includes the sharing of synchronicity from our dreams as well as the use of creativity, artwork, music, to call the dream into the world. You are invited to bring a creative work or synchronicity to share.
This group will also include an introduction to lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a form of dreaming in which you are actually conscious of your dream state and interacting with the dream to change the outcome, have a particular experience or heal an old trauma. Dreamers interested in this work will have the opportunity to sign up for an upcoming workshop or group with more focus here.

Week 6:
Mastin Kipp coined one of my favorite quotes: "Never leave the scene of a breakthrough without making a comittmed decision". This final group speaks to the decisions we are agreeing to make with ourselves in order to bring our breakthroughs to life in the world. We will do this by sharing a living dream - this is the process of bringing the community back together to share the stories that our dreams have told us, and our comittment back to the dream.

  • When: Tue Jan. 30 - 7:00 pm
    Tue Mar. 6 8:30 pm

  • Address: 975 Lincoln Street
    Denver CO,US 80203

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