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Visioning 2018 Feminine Power Women's Circle

This is an important time to set yourself up for a year of success and connect with a community of women like you, who are gathering together inside of a shared intention for stepping into their full potential this year.

The Visioning Women's Circle will set you up to have a Game-Changing year in 2018!

You'll be guided through potent Feminine Power practices for manifesting in the 8 Key Areas of Women's Self-Actualization, to create clarity & intention, alignment, and commit to your destiny pathway.

If you’re like most awakening women, you feel called to create many different things in your life, from deepening or attracting love to expanding your prosperity, influence and impact in your career, improving your health, and more.

The opportunity for us as women has never been greater for us to:

  • Show up as the women we were born to become

  • Create thriving relationships

  • Discover and follow our highest calling

  • Create prosperous careers aligned with our values

  • Experience radiant health and vitality

  • Live in ways that are spiritually connected

  • Ignite and empower others to step forward into their greatness

  • Manifest our deepest desires for fun, creativity, self-expression and play

  • Be catalysts and change agents shaping the future of our world.

Where to get started? How to bring these potentials forth?

"Clarity Precedes Our Power to Manifest and Create” Claire Zammit, PH.D, Founder of Feminine Power

Come join us in a space of authentic connection and feel the support and sisterhood of a tribe of brilliant women who are standing with and for your greatness.

You'll learn the key to create the most impact in your life, with the least amount of effort, to catalyze a series of breakthroughs in the coming year.

You’ll be supported to step forward into your greatest vision for the new year and tap into your Feminine Power, from which you can source even more creativity and support than ever before!

You'll Discover the Power of:

  • CLARITY & INTENTION – connect with the 8 areas of Feminine Self-Actualization and discover what is most “in season” to manifest and create in 2018

  • ALIGNMENT – connect with your “soul-actualization” needs to harness the energy of synchronicity, co-creativity and flow so that you can create with ease and support from a higher power.

  • COMMITTING TO YOUR DESTINY PATHWAY – and discover the exact path you need to follow & the support you need to make 2018 your year of greatness.

Bring journal and pen for personal reflection. We start right at 1:30pm!

  • When: Sun Jan. 14
    1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

  • Address: 5955 South Holly Street
    Centennial CO,US 80121

  • Web: Visit Website