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Winter is here and as the trail running season winds down, this is the perfect time to work on your weaknesses, literally!
Strength and conditioning work is just as important as putting in the mileage in a training routine, if not more so. Let's spend the next 2 months together building a strong foundation so that you can run stronger and injury free in 2018!

Stair climbing workouts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.
Expect a full body workout with drills, sprints, hops and more fun up and down the stairs and bleachers! On warmer days an optional trail run will be included. Meet at the trading post.
----> Saturdays or sundays t
hrough February

Hill workouts:
At various trails across the front range. Work on form and technique for steep inclines. Fitness for getting up hill, power hiking and technique for steep downhill grades to build confidence and strength.
We will be building up to a group field trip to hike up the Manitou incline in April!
-----> Saturdays or Sundays March-mid April

Small group strength and conditioning for Runners:
At Blue Spruce brewing. Stick around after class for brews, appetizers and trivia night!
-----> Tuesdays through February

These 70 minute sessions will include:
- Specific exercises to strengthen muscles needed to run stronger, longer focusing on building strength for the steep hills and endurance for the long runs
- Work on balance and posture- crucial for trail runners!
- Exercises to target feet, ankles and commonly ignored small stabilizing muscles throughout the body
- Running form and cardio drills to improve anaerobic threshold and running efficiency.
- 15 minutes of foam roll and lacrosse ball rolling at the end of class to break down scar tissue, improve recovery, circulation, and flexibility
- Stretches to target commonly tight muscles in runners that can lead to injury
- Workout and exercise recommendations for what you should be doing at home to maintain and build strength between sessions.

----> View the full schedule through April HERE.


Punch card options:

The punch card can be used for ALL of the above classes
$60 for a 5 punch pass
$99 for a 10 class punch card (less than $10/class)
$160 for a 20 class punch card ($8/class)

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  • When: Saturday, Feb. 3 - 8:00 pm
    Saturday, Apr. 14 10:00 pm

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