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7-day ONLINE Summit. 25 ICO & Crypto Currency experts share their knowledge in interviews which you can watch from the comfort of your home of office on your PC or mobile.

We will discuss the opportunities AND risks (!) of this space. You will learn crypto basics, if and how to invest, and how to raise capital with an ICO. In more detail:

  • how does the Blockchain and Smart Contracts work
  • what are the differences between Bitcoin, Ether, etc.
  • how does an ICO work - from a startup's/corporate's perspective
  • how to legally do (and invest) in an ICO
  • how to invest in an ICO, and avoid scams
  • scam and fraud prevention in the crypto world
  • legal risks for startups and investors
  • legal and regulatory situation and development worldwide
  • if and how to invest in crypto currencies: fundamental and technical analysis
  • tax optimization for crypto investors
  • trends in the token economy in different industries
  • future trends: what comes after the blockchain?

Each day between 10. and 16. February, you will see 3 experts share their knowledge.

Confirmed speakers: David Siegel, Sally Eaves, Simon Cocking, Dimitrios Vourakis, Stephen DeMeulenaere, Christopher Emms, Oliver Voelkel, Marco Robinson, Kevin de Patoul, Artem Afian, Suzanna Kalendzhian, Brian Fabian Crain, Alexander Wallin, Henok (Hen) Tekle, Dennis Uitz, Michael Petrizt, Kambiz Djafari, Henry Vu, Philipp Giese, Christoph Heuermann, Richard Foster, Bernhard Blaha, Christoffer B Wallin, Guenther Dobrauz, Andreas Hurtig

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  • When: Sat Feb. 10 - 7:00 am
    Sun Feb. 18 10:00 pm

  • Web: Visit Website