Event Details

Sign up for an amazing core strengthening workshop hosted by LocalMasters.com, and get tips, techniques, and ideas that will help you get rid of weight around your stomach and get sculpted abs, and a strong lower back.

Pay upfront for a half an hour fitness class and receive dynamic fitness training and healthy habit tips that you can use every day. This core strengthening workshop will show you how easy it is to do the exercises that will keep your core muscles strong, and well developed. You will learn how to take care of your lower back and abdominal muscles, and how to make healthier choices that keep you fit. This core strengthening workshop will address all your concerns regarding core strength training and development. You’ll learn how to enjoy working out, making your fitness journey enjoyable and effective!

What you get

  • Easy exercises that gently yet effectively help develop core strength
  • Exercises that focus on different ab groups including the upper and lower abs, as well as oblique muscles
  • Tips on how to stick to an exercise routine easily
  • Tips on how to stay active even if you have to sit at a desk all day
  • Tips on how to keep your back free from posture problems brought on by a desk job
  • Tips on avoiding injury as you learn to rightly use muscle groups
  • Nutrition tips that are effective even on a hectic day
  • Fun ideas to get great exercise out of your daily tasks
  • Tips on making the healthier choices
  • Nutrition tips to maximize core strength
  • Tips on how to maintain your weight target

Whether you are trying to shed excess weight around your midriff, get sculpted abs, get a stronger back, or just get into better shape, we will be able to recommend the right core strengthening workout that will help you. This event will help you discover the tips that will lead to stronger core muscles, better posture, higher metabolism, and easy maintenance of a healthy weight. If you are unable to attend the event, then how about opting for a fitness session customized to your needs and provided personally? Simply visit the options at LocalMasters.com by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you at this incredible event.