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As a member organization, Yoga Alliance is most known for its standards and credentials. The Yoga Alliance credential is immediately recognizable by most yoga practitioners – and it’s important that teachers and practitioners understand what our standards mean.

By developing standards and offering credentials to those who meet the conditions of the standards, Yoga Alliance:
  • Provides teachers and schools a measure for quality, safety and performance that they can claim in order to get jobs or promote themselves to the public;
  • Assures quality, safety and performance for customers/students of teachers and schools;
  • Allows those most knowledgeable on the subject matter to shape the field;
  • Discourages government agencies from standardizing all of yoga into narrow definitions;
  • Improves competence and effectiveness of its members.

For the first time in our 18-year history, Yoga Alliance is conducting a comprehensive and inclusive Standards Review Project to ensure that our standards are appropriately evolving over time. As part of the review, we will be gathering insights from yoga practitioners, educators and the community as a whole to help us determine how best to meet the needs of this new age in yoga as well as construct standards that better serve both the teacher and student moving forward.

This discussion group is the next in a series of conversations that will be taking place throughout the year. We will introduce you to the process Yoga Alliance is undertaking to help ensure an inclusive, comprehensive and substantive review, as well as gather your opinions on topics such as scope of practice, consent and online learning.

Please remember, for us to be successful, we must understand the needs and wants of teachers, students and schools. Your participation is vital to the successful evolution of the standards. We hope you are as energized as we are by the possibility of the road ahead.

Healthy snacks will be provided. The session is open to YA members and non-members alike.

  • When: Thu Jun. 14
    12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

  • Address: Hilltop
    Denver CO,US 80246

  • Web: Visit Website