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WHY #MINDset mastery?
:: "...I believe the biggest problem in the world is our Mindset and the type of attitude we bring to that state of mind..." -- justice k kwarteng, founder + managing partner, @collageiampact.

by the insight, and my own first-hand experience(s) to transform my life, so as to be able to meaningfully impact everyone I come into contact with, I've created #MINDset mastered to empower everyone, anywhere to positively change their quality of life through a strategic Self-Mastery training and the transformative power of Art + Storytelling.

#MINDset mastered
employs a deeply personalized and immersive one-on-one Personal Coaching Practicum to make measurable improvements in the life of every client/student.

I co-design and craft a bespoke training solutions-driven practicum for each student/client through our proprietary Contemplative Education and Right Action Response problem-solving strategies through :: Customized Contemplative Coaching :: Immersive Personalized Training Seminars :: Intensive Master Training BootCamp Workshops :: Inventive Social Fundraiser Events and co-Branded Experiential Marketing Activations.

:: I leverage Entertainment and the Cultural Arts-as-a-PSA vehicle via: + Storytelling
+ Dance
+ Acting
+ Song
+ Film
+ Drum
+ Music + Poetry
+ Theatre
+ Choreography
+ Creative Writing, Video and Photography.

Furthermore, I produce...
:: I leverage Fashion & Style events-as-a-strategic-PR vehicle to empowerment by curating, designing, producing and creative directing immersive live fashion and lifestyle events to positively impact the lives of my audience/clients. I work with my students/clients to explore the power of Self-Image and the importance of a credible Personal Brand reframe how they present themselves to the world they find themselves in.

Our Competitive Advantage |

  • Every student/client must complete an immersive Financial intelligence mastery coaching (1).

  • Subject-Matter Experts are then brought together with the best proven technological innovations in Machine Learning to co-design a sustainable for the human/person client (2).

  • Every student/client is then required to select another student to actively mentor and help transition would be c.i. #Mindset mastery program participants (3).

--- |

About Collage Impact (C.i.) ...specializes in Turning adversity and problems into meaningful opportunities. C.i.'s Mission is... To positively change the Quality of Life of everyone, anywhere through personalized Self-Mastery coaching and the transformative power of Art and Storytelling.

OUR CLASSES are presented in the form of...
...Master Seminars & Workshops | Immersive BootCamps | Customized One-on-One & Privates. Groups.

We collaborate with proven Subject-Matter Experts to hand-design highly personalized and immersive learning experiences around...

  • Grit

  • Love

  • Money

  • Mindset

  • Inclusion

  • Adversity

  • Creativity

  • Advocacy

  • Leadership

  • Forgiveness

  • Relationships

  • Empowerment

  • Entrepreneurship Excellence

  • Financial Intelligence Mastery and more...

    C.i. ...turns very big & uncomfortable problems into great opportunity-asset portfolios… ”

    Here is the current list of very UnComfortable PROBLEMS we are solving...

    • Mental Health De-Stigmation

    • Suicide Prevention Awareness

    • Human Trafficking Awareness

    • Financial Intelligence Mastery

    • Homelessness Prevention

    • Rape Prevention

    • Slut Shaming

    • Xenophobia

    • Equal Pay

    • Racism

    • Bullying

    • Education

    • Homophobia

    • Cyber Bullying

    • Traumatic Stress Disorder

    • Sexual Harassment Awareness

Founder's Bio |


My name is Justice Kwesi Kwarteng and my mission in life is... To positively impact the Quality of Life of everyone I come into contact with. I'm obsessed with making everything better. My purpose in life is To Make Everyone Better.
My Education and Qualifications |

:: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Drama, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. New York, NY. The USA.
:: Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Theater: Contemporary Performance, Naropa University, Boulder, CO, USA.
:: 1 year of Graduate School Training and Studies in the MFA Program, University of Louisville. Kentucky.
:: 1 year of College Teaching & Lecturing Experience at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Connect with me on... Linkedin @ www.linkedin.com/in/justicekwesikwarteng x www.linkedin.com/in/collageiam if you wish to learn more about me.

Let's grow together!

ps: please.remember.you.do.matter.

  • When: Sat Sep. 22 - 9:00 am
    Sun Sep. 23 9:00 pm

  • Address: 1245 Champa Street
    Denver CO,US 80204

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